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Beacon is allied with two firms—Code Management & Marketing (CMM) and Vire Technologies—for the development and marketing of programs using Microsoft Tag applications.  The Tags are 2D barcodes that connect people with information, entertainment, and interactive experiences in the digital world. 

People live with their phones, using them during dinner and even before they get out of bed. Microsoft Tag helps you capture them in the moment, engaging them anytime, anywhere through mobile marketing. You can bring printed materials to life, help customers make buying decisions while standing in the store, and engage them more deeply with your brand.

Beacon is developing Tag uses for Catholic Extension in an effort to turn printed hanging wall calendars into interactive experiences.  Beacon’s CMM partner has developed a patent pending use for the application called “3D Accurate ID” which uses Tags to assist in identify verification in health care.

Catholic Extension Tag image Catholic Extension Tag image Catholic Extension 3D Accurate ID image


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