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Public Relations

Businesses, institutions and organizations operate with the permission of the public … and that principle underpins the strategy development services that Beacon Partners deliver to clients hoping to either enhance or preserve their standing with the publics they serve.  We have a process for PR that relies on scanning the environment, conducting and analyzing research, planning and objective setting, message design and execution, and measurement. Our partners come by the process naturally, having insisted upon it in developing successful programs to support the business and reputation goals of clients.

The practice of PR has evolved in the last decade.  Once a discipline whose output was gleaned from front pages and lead-ins to the 6:00 o’clock news, today’s practitioners have to account for ubiquitous journalism and news with no deadlines powered by digital forces: Facebook posts, blogs, Tweets and the like.  This transformed media environment, where virtually anyone can be a journalist and virtually everyone can read everyone else’s mail, makes the interface with publics more challenging than ever, with unprecedented pressure for transparency, perception sensitivity and ethical behavior. 

Our firm keeps pace using a blend of traditional, new and social media to help clients cut through the clutter and deliver their messages to critical audiences and stakeholders.  Our services include:

  • PR Strategy Development
  • Editorial Planning
  • Event Planning
  • Publications
  • Media Relations
  • Media Training
  • Opinion Editorials
  • Issues Advertising

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