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Media Relations

The communicator’s stock-in-trade is his/her ability to effectively interact and maintain relationships with the press.  Beacon partners have spent their entire careers dealing with reporters, correspondents, editors and news producers.  Our approach is straightforward.  We work to align interests between organizations we represent and media that cover them. 

Fundamentally, we understand that we are in the business of making news to help tell a story.  As a result, we rely on our sense of “newsworthiness” and all that goes into it – timeliness, audience interest, conflict, impact, drama, human interest, celebrity – to bring client messages to life.

Today, too, Beacon partners understand that companies and organizations can deliver messages through their own media.  The Internet has given them channels for message delivery that can be every bit as effective as a story in the local newspaper.  So now we offer counsel on how to use devices like the blogosphere, YouTube, Facebook and a host of other digital options. 

In addition, we have developed programs for clients that help them achieve frequent media coverage, most notably the Discover US Spending Monitor and the Country Financial Security Index.  

Among the news media services we provide:

Press Releases Press Conferences
Media Kits Editorial Boards
Story Placement
Foxwoods Example
Media Targeting Analysis
Cision Insight
Radian 6
Opinion Polling
Pulse Opinion Research
Rasmussen Reports, LLC
Opinion Indices
Discover US Spending Monitor
COUNTRY Financial Security Index
Program Development
The Rasmussen Report (Radio)
San Diego Zoo Segment (Tonight)
Media Training

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