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Crisis Communication

Beacon’s crisis practice, like the rest of its service portfolio, is rooted in decades of experience in crisis communications management, planning and response.  Our counsel adheres to the most successful tenets of crisis response:

  • Align behavior and action with what you say.
  • Tell it all and tell it fast (maximum disclosure, minimum delay).
  • Be utterly and aggressively dedicated to the truth.
  • Look at the situation using the public’s prism, not yours.

Today, the firm boasts a Northwestern University adjunct professor who teaches and writes on the subject plus partners in nearly every realm of business who have experienced crises … and lived to tell about it.  The firm has developed strategies for companies dealing with the effects of crisis in the food, transportation, manufacturing, service, technology and financial industries.  Our experience set includes:

  • Hostile takeovers
  • Bankruptcies
  • Plant closings
  • Work force reductions
  • Food contaminations
  • Product recalls
  • Ingredient issues
  • Boycotts
  • Security breaches
  • Industrial accidents
  • OSHA violations
  • Nuclear accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Management malfeasance
  • Congressional investigations
  • Regulatory abuse
  • Activist demonstrations
  • Hazardous material

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